Cousins in Hungary and Panama City

Huge and very pleasant surprise last week! I was just surfing on Facebook, when very familiar names were sniffing me.

Vanessa Rehak, a painter living in Panama City, reported that her father’s grandfather, Ferenc Rehák, a dental technician and his wife from Debrecen emigrated by touching Venezuela to Panama.

At that time, it became clear to me that he and one of my dear clients and friends, Dr. Zsolt Vári dentist, were second-degree cousins. Zsolt’s grandfather, Dr. Rudolf Rehák was also a dentist. He and the aforementioned Ferenc Rehák brothers, as shown in the attached figure.

The name-giving branch began its journey from the Czech Republic in a very novel way, so that the threads run in Budapest with the touch of the Southland (Vajdaság or Vojvodina). Unexpected and very interesting turns, this family tree was rich anyway. I always remember it back. Thank you for your attention!

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