Meeting a 1956 Hero: Albert Kovács

Miracles do exist! These include, for example, unforgettable human encounters. Walking through the labyrinth of Facebook in November 2018, I found a rare and particularly valuable newspaper article or photo for me.

The article briefly, and in some way transcribing reality, depicted the adventures of three refugee 1956 freedom fighters on the occasion of a ball in Machester in December 1956 to help them.

I immediately shared my discovery on as many channels as possible, leading me to one of the main characters, Kovács Albert, who was born in Nagykőrös, but now lives in British Columbia, Canada.

Thanks to my niece and modern communication facilities, I contacted him and got to know his story and the course of the fighting in Stalin’s city (today: Dunaújváros).

Uncle Albert mentioned to me that he would visit Hungary, including his hometown, in September, showing his family’s birthplace at 16 Csiga Street.

Prior to that, though difficult, we organized a meeting with your family in Budapest. I enjoyed every minute of it and kept it! I wish you all the best for Uncle Albert again!

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