Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday (Nagyszombat = Big Saturday)

Jesus Christ rests in the tomb today according to folklore. It is a quiet, peaceful day to look inward. Today, the dishes that will be on the table tomorrow are consecrated; ham, eggs and cake. Good Saturday is a day of silence, at which time there was little talk of the peoples of the villages. Christ rests in the tomb today, so mourning, silence, but at the same time hopeful anticipation permeates today.

The characteristic ceremony of Holy Saturday is the consecration of fire. In the Catholic church, the candle — a symbol of the resurrected Christ — is lit from the consecrated, consecrated fire of the previous year’s Flower Sunday. According to the former tradition of lighting fires, it was customary to light a new fire only once a year, on Good Saturday. The most spectacular religious ceremony of Holy Saturday is the procession of the resurrection, which was held at the dawn of Easter in the Middle Ages, and in the New Age the church brought it forward to the evening of Holy Saturday.

Good Thursday, Good Friday and Good Saturday: They are also called the Holy Three Days of Easter. We remember the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ these days.

In the Christian calendar, Good Saturday is the day before Easter. This is considered to be the beginning of the Passover feast. After that, it is customary to wish each other a Happy Easter for the first time. After the Good Saturday ceremony, the next Mass usually begins at midnight, which already marks the resurrection of Jesus. So comes Easter Sunday: Resurrection Day.

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