Ilona Tóth – Martyr of 1956

Ilona Tóth, the hero and martyr of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, was born on October 23, 1932 in Cinkota (today she belongs to the 16th district of Budapest). That is, the fight for freedom erupted on Ilona’s birthday. Her parents divorced at the age of four. Ilona, a profound believer, was an excellent, conscientious student in high school and medicin university. She worked as an internist in a hospital in Budapest in October 1956. She directed the care of the wounded revolutionaries. She was charged with murder in a concept lawsuit after suppressing the War of Independence. The innocent girl at the age of 24 was hanged in a prison in Budapest on June 28, 1957.

Her house, where he was born, is now a memorial museum. The attached picture shows this as well. Glory to the Heroes!


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